World Water Monitoring Challenge project

One of many citizen science projects out there.  This looks like a new one.

World Water Monitoring Challenge™ (WWMC) is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local waterbodies.

WWMC grew out of the World Water Monitoring Day program in 2012. While an official “day” continues to be observed each year on September 18, the broader “challenge” encourages people everywhere to test the quality of their waterways, share their findings, and protect our most precious resource. The program runs annually from March 22 (the United Nations World Water Day) until December 31.

The primary goal of World Water Monitoring Challenge is to educate and engage citizens in the protection of the world’s water resources. Many people are unaware of the impact their behaviors have on water quality. Conducting simple monitoring tests teaches participants about some of the most common indicators of water health and encourages further participation in more formal citizen monitoring efforts.

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2013 GLOBE @ Night

Join the Worldwide GLOBE at Night 2013 Campaign

What would it be like without stars at night? What is it we lose? Starry night skies have given us poetry, art, music and the wonder to explore. A bright night sky (aka light pollution) affects energy consumption, health and wildlife too. Spend a few minutes to help scientists by measuring the brightness of your night sky. Join the GLOBE at Night citizen-science campaign ( The first campaign starts January 3 and runs through January 12.

More information:

GLOBE at Night is a worldwide, hands-on science and education program to encourage citizen-scientists worldwide to record the brightness of their night sky. During five select sets of dates in 2013, children and adults match the appearance of a constellation (Orion or Leo in the northern hemisphere, and Orion and Crux in the southern hemisphere) with seven star charts of progressively fainter stars ( Participants then submit their choice of star chart at with their date, time and location. This can be done by computer (after the measurement) or by smart phone or pad (during the measurement). From these data an interactive map of all worldwide observations is created ( Over the past 7 years of 10-day campaigns, people in 115 countries have contributed over 83,000 measurements, making GLOBE at Night the most successful, light pollution citizen-science campaign to date ( The GLOBE at Night website is easy to use, comprehensive, and holds an abundance of background information ( and Guides, activities, one-page flyers and postcards advertising the campaign are available at Through GLOBE at Night, students, teachers, parents and community members are amassing a data set from which they can explore the nature of light pollution locally and across the globe. There are 5 GLOBE at Night campaigns in 2013: January 3 – 12, January 31 – February 9, March 3 – 12, March 31 – April 9, and April 29 – May 8. Make a difference and join the GLOBE at Night campaign.

Listen to a fun skit on GLOBE at Night in a 7-minute audio podcast at

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Tufts Vet Medicine summer program

Dear 4-H Leader, Volunteer, or Mentor:

We are now accepting applications for our summer career exploration program specifically designed for middle and high school students who may have an interest in pursuing a veterinary career.  We invite your 4-H youth to apply to the Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University to discover if this exciting career is right for them!

Tufts University Adventures in Veterinary Medicine Program (AVM) is a unique career exploration program designed to provide participants with direct insight into the opportunities and realities of a career in veterinary medicine. Our long-standing program will be celebrating its 23rd year of programming this summer.  Participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures by our faculty and veterinary students, participate in laboratories, and engage in hand-on activities with animals.  If you have youth who are excited by science, enjoy working with animals, and would like to learn more about what it takes to be a veterinarian, our program will further develop their understanding about the veterinary profession.

AVM is located on our Tufts University Campus in North Grafton, Massachusetts.  Students will be able to obtain a realistic and comprehensive look at what life as a veterinary student would be like by spending time on the campus of one of the finest veterinary schools in the country.  We offer three middle school sessions, two residential high school sessions and a high school day session.  Each session is designed to meet the educational and developmental levels of students in specific grades. AVM will challenge and stimulate its participants in innovative, fun, and exciting ways.

For more information on the program, including dates, eligibility, tuition, and the application, please visit our web site or contact us at

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STEM You Can video contest – Finger Lakes

The Empire State STEM Learning Network Finger Lakes Hub is offering a STEM video contest for grades 3-12.  Deadline is March 1.  For more information:

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Chicken Feed Science Experiment

Dana shared this really cool blog in Rutherford County, Tennessee called 4-H Network News.  The blog itself is really nice, but they have a video clip about their Chicken Feed Science Experiment that looks like fun.  They promise to follow up with more videos as the project progresses.  A great example of the integration of inquiry into Animal Science projects.

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eCYBERMISSION is a free, on-line, STEM competition for students in grades 6-9. Students work in teams of 3 or 4 students along with a team advisor, choose from a list of seven “missions” which cover all areas of science and engineering, and then come up with a problem that affects their community. Students solve the problem using science, engineering, technology and/or math. Students need to register by December 14th and submit their project by March 1st. There will be a first place and second place team at each grade level in every state.
For more information please visit

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